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Kwanu is an online ‘click and collect’ supermarket, located in Westville, servicing the residents and businesses of Westville. We started by asking one simple question…. isn’t there a better way to do grocery shopping?

We began by asking everyone we met how they’d improve grocery shopping if they could? We took those questions and rephrased them as questions/challenges to answer and solve. For example:

  • Do you really need to go into a store for grocery shopping?
  • Why can’t grocery shopping, in store or online, be a personal experience?
  • If you sell online, why aren’t the prices consistently good?
  • Why do online stores substitute products I order with similar products I didn’t?
  • How do you ensure perfect delivery, every time?
  • Is it possible to provide a digital/online service with a local feel that impacts a community?

Kwanu has become the vehicle for implementing some of the ideas we think will improve the grocery shopping experience. We’re not claiming to have perfected shopping (yet), but we are committed to continually improve the grocery shopping experience for as many people as we can.

In the beginning we were four:

Neville Dunn
Accountant by training, with well over 20 years of experience in some of South Africa’s largest retail and wholesale companies.

Andrew Mardon
A trader at heart, who went on to become the National Buyer of a large South African Wholesaler.

Catri Dixon
Strategic Creative, with over 20 years of helping businesses think differently about how they communicate with their customers.

Barrie Bramley
Disruptor, who has consulted with companies around the world, helping them to think about and see things differently.

If Kwanu can deliver a convenient, cheaper, faster and more personal experience, our customers will have more time to do their important things, and the world will be a far better place.

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer 🙂