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We believe value is created through:

  • Simplicity
  • Personal Service, and
  • Great Prices

For non-profit Organisations feeding Vulnerable Communities

We are passionate about personally bringing you great prices delivered to your doorstep

For Offices

Great Prices on all your basic food and cleaning requirements. Delivered simply and professionally


We specialise in the Supply of: 

  • Basic Food Stuff
  • Home (office) care and sanitisation
  • Cleaning Materials
community feeding buying durban best prices non profit


City Hope disaster releif
Westville churches Food Bank
robinhood foundation

Andrew, Neville and the KWANU team have been an incredible team to work alongside. We at the Robinhood Foundation have jam packed projects that require efficiency, quick delivery turn around and last-minute surprises. Kwanu never misses a beat and have delivered on time without fail and always with a smile no matter the urgency or demand. We look forward to many more years of collaboration alongside the Kwanu family.

 Natalie Ogden (Robinhood Foundation)

We are delighted with Kwanu’s ability to source quality products at the best prices in the market. This is something that we, as an NPO, value tremendously.

Cindy Norcott (Robinhood Foundation)

glenwood Presbyterian church
Nation Changers