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What it is?

Kwanu customers will be invited to add one qualified Westville Community Based Organisation to their profile. Kwanu will then contribute an amount of 1% of purchases made by participants on a quarterly basis.

Neither customers or organisations will pay anything to be part of the programme. Customers won’t pay anything extra for what they buy. By selecting an approved organisation in their profile, the organisation will benefit from every purchase they make. Everyone wins.

How to join?

If you’re a Community Based Organisation, located in Westville, and would like to join the Kwanu Community Rewards (KCR) Programme, please read through the terms and conditions below. If your organisation meets the criteria, fill in the form below and upload the 2 documents required.

We’d be glad to come and meet you to discuss KCR in more detail. We’d be over the moon to have you part of the programme and benefiting from Kwanu Click and Collect Supermarket.


Kwanu Solutions (Pty) Ltd manages and operates the Kwanu Community Rewards programme (“KCR”). The KCR will commence and become effective 22 July 2019 or on the date the application is processed, whichever is later.

Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, Kwanu Solutions (Pty) Ltd will contribute to Eligible Organisations (as defined below) an amount of 1% of Eligible Purchases (as defined below) made by the Eligible Participants (as defined below). The Eligible Participants acknowledge and understand that by their participation in this programme that they are not entitled to any reward of whatsoever nature or financial benefit in return but is only for the benefit of the Eligible Organisation.

Eligible Organisations: Eligible Organisations are qualified Non-profit Organisations. These organisations will be considered eligible once they have submitted a completed application form, have been allocated an Eligible Organisation’s Code (EO Code), have agreed to all terms and conditions and have received confirmation from Kwanu Solutions (Pty) Ltd that they are Eligible Organisations. A list of the Eligible Organisations with their respective EO Codes will also be available from

Eligible Participants: Eligible Participants shall be registered customers who have identified themselves as a supporter of the Eligible Organisation.

Eligible Purchases: Eligible Purchases shall consist of those retail purchases made at the shop by an Eligible Participant who has entered their EO Code in their profile at the time of purchase. If the EO Code is not present at the time of the transaction, the Eligible Organisation’s account will not be credited. Purchase of Gift Cards and VAT are excluded from Eligible Purchases.


  1. Eligible Participants shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of the EO Code.
  2. No person is required to make payment of any kind in order to include an EO Code in their profile.
  3. Only one EO Code can be included in a customer profile at any single point in time. An Eligible Participant may change their support of Eligible Organisations. Note: These changes will only be effective from the Monday following the change.
  4. Kwanu Solutions (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to remove any group at any time for any reason.


  1. Total Eligible Purchases made by the Eligible Organisation’s Eligible Participants will be calculated at the end of each three-month period (i.e. quarter).
  2. Your quarterly rewards payment will only be paid via electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the Eligible Organisation identified on the programme Enrolment Application within two (2) weeks after the close of each quarter.
  3. The minimum rebate pay-out is R250 per Eligible Organisation. In the event that an Eligible Organisation earns less than R250 in a pay period, Kwanu Solutions (Pty) Ltd will hold the amount until the next pay period in which the rebate exceeds R250.

Kwanu Solutions (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to evaluate the programme from time to time and to unilaterally modify the programme at any time and without any advanced notice to the Eligible Organisation. If possible, Kwanu Solutions (Pty) Ltd will endeavour to give the Eligible Organisation ten (10) days advance notice of any changes to the programme. The Eligible Organisation may elect to terminate its participation in the programme at any time. Kwanu Solutions (Pty) Ltd may elect to terminate the programme at any time.


  • Read the Terms and Conditions
  • Scroll down to complete the Enrolment Application
  • Submit your Enrolment Application, your Certificate of Registration of Non-Profit Organisation and your S18A Income Tax Exemption letter

Once your Organisation is approved and enrolled:
Simply encourage your members to insert your EO Code in their user profile at
Individual purchases will begin counting towards your Organisation within seven (7) days.
Every time a member shops on , your Organisation automatically starts earning a rebate.

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Cowies Hill, 3610

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